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Best UFC Betting Sites in Indonesia

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If you’re into the raw thrill of MMA, you must try your hand at UFC betting. UFC is by far the biggest and most popular MMA platform in the world with a massive following. Before every big fight, UFC bookmakers share competitive odds to draw in bets. You can participate from Indonesia after you’re done reading this post.

Best Bookmakers for UFC Betting

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The Popularity of UFC in Indonesia

Betting on UFC in Iindonesia

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) began in 1993 as a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) organization. It took the unique route of finding the most effective martial artists and contesting them against each other. That too with minimal rules!

Since the very beginning, the UFC has marketed itself as a no-holds-barred competition. Its sole focus has been showcasing fighters from different martial arts backgrounds. From boxing to Brazilian jiu-jitsu to sambo to wrestling, nothing is off-limits inside the octagon.

In recent years, fighters like Conor McGregor, Khabib, Nate Diaz, and even Logan Paul have made headlines in the news for their record-breaking main cards.

UFC Overview

📅 First Introduced


🥊 Overseeing Organisations

Ultimate Fighting Championship, Las Vegas, Nevada.

📈 Bookmaker Coverage


🌍 Popular In

The US, Canada, Germany, Australia

🏅 Olympic Discipline


Key Aspects of UFC that Attract Punters

Over the years, online betting platforms began to include UFC as a key sport due to its intense, high-stakes fights and the clear, decisive outcomes they often produce. The straightforward nature of fight outcomes, as in win, lose, or draw, made it an attractive option for bettors. But it’s not the only reason the best betting sites for UFC are soaring in popularity.

  • Fighter Form and History
    As a bettor, you get to closely follow fighters’ recent performances and historical data. A fighter on a winning streak or one known for dramatic knockouts can sway betting decisions. And if you’re aware of it in advance, you can surely bag some victories.
  • Weight Classes and Rankings
    Each weight class offers contrast among top-ranked fighters, making certain bouts especially compelling for bets on underdogs or champions. They may also lead to niche markets.
  • Event Type and Location
    Major events like UFC Pay-Per-Views or Fight Nights in specific locations often have unique fight cards that attract more betting due to higher stakes and visibility.
  • Prop Bets and In-fight Betting
    UFC allows for various prop bets, like predicting the method of victory or whether a fight will go the distance. Live betting during the event adds an immediate, reactive element to wagering.

What to Look for in a Bookmaker for Online Betting on UFC

How do you identify the top UFC betting sites? Thankfully, there are only a few criteria that you can consider to get yourself a hefty list of best UFC bookmakers.




🥊 Fight Coverage

Extensive coverage of UFC events, including preliminary bouts and main cards, is essential for varied betting.


🔴 Live Betting

Offering live betting during fights adds a dynamic aspect, allowing bettors to place bets as the action unfolds.


💰 Betting Odds

Competitive odds are critical as they determine the potential payout. The best site to bet on UFC fights should offer value on fight outcomes.


🎁 Bonuses

Look for welcome bonuses or loyalty programs specifically tailored to UFC betting to enhance the betting experience.


💳 Payment Methods

The ability to quickly deposit and withdraw through multiple secure methods is vital for active bettors.


📱 Mobile Compatibility

A seamless mobile platform that allows users to place bets easily and track them in real time.


Top 4 UFC Betting Bookmakers in Indonesia

So, what are the best UFC betting sites in Indonesia? This is where our experts share their hand-picked selections.


BK8 Sport Betting Indonesia, bettingindonesia.online


is popular in Indonesia as a top UFC betting site. It pretty much covers all major UFC events, especially fight nights. The odds we see in big fights are extremely competitive and give you an edge.

The wide array of betting markets along with incredible customer support and elaborate payment methods make it a trusted choice for UFC fans looking for betting opportunities on the sport.

BK8 Indonesia Overview

🌐 Website


🥊 Number of UFC Markets Offered


🎁 Best UFC Bonus for Bettors

Welcome Bonus up to 20,000,000 IDR

📶 UFC Coverage


  • Well known among UFC betting sites
  • Great odds across available markets
  • Offers live streaming
  • Not all Indonesian payment methods are available




888Starz Sport Betting Indonesia, bettingindonesia.online

888Starz is yet another leading site if you want to bet on UFC in Indonesia. You get to choose from a diverse betting market as well as detailed prop bets. What we like most about 888Starz is that it guarantees a responsive betting experience. It’s an ideal choice for UFC fans who want both pre-fight and live betting scenarios.

888Starz Indonesia Overview

🌐 Website


🥊 Number of UFC Markets Offered


🎁 Best UFC Bonus for Bettors

Welcome Bonus up to 1,754,000 IDR

📶 UFC Coverage


  • Top-tier betting markets for UFC
  • User-friendly interface for easier betting
  • Offers apps for Android and iOS users
  • Doesn’t offer live streaming for fights




1xBet Sport Betting Indonesia, bettingindonesia.online

1xBet is one of our favorites for UFC betting in Indonesia. We can see a broad coverage of UFC events and amazing betting options. You can enjoy competitive odds and a variety of markets, including in-depth prop bets and live betting opportunities.

1xBet is a licensed bookmaker with reliable customer support which makes it a favorite among UFC fans in Indonesia.

1xBet Indonesia Overview

🌐 Website


🥊 Number of UFC Markets Offered


🎁 Best UFC Bonus for Bettors

Welcome Bonus up to 20,000,000 IDR

📶 UFC Coverage


  • Renowned platform for UFC betting
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, and email
  • Great live streaming of the fights
  • Not locally licensed




Megapari Sport Betting Indonesia, bettingindonesia.online

Megapari is our last pick as one of the best online UFC betting sites in Indonesia. From what we’ve seen, it covers all the fights along with a wide range of betting options. As a bettor, you can choose fight winners as well as specific fight outcomes at great odds.

Megapari Indonesia Overview

🌐 Website


🥊 Number of UFC Markets Offered


🎁 Best UFC Bonus for Bettors

Welcome Bonus up to 1,663,300 IDR

📶 UFC Coverage


  • Great to bet on UFC
  • A generous welcome bonus
  • Offers incredible odds for UFC fights
  • Not all fights are covered


Mobile UFC Betting in Indonesia

It’s great news that you can participate in mobile betting for UFC as well! Most of the bookmakers we’re offering have downloadable apps. Take a look at the table below.


Number of Sports

Live Betting

Mobile App

Minimum Deposit

Maximum Withdrawal

BK8 logo


300,000 IDR

No limits



150,000 IDR

No limits

1xbet logo


18,000 IDR

No limits

Megapari logo


10,000 IDR

No limits

Niche UFC Betting Markets to Worth Trying

There are some markets that don’t meet the naked eye. Of course, mediocre UFC bookmakers won’t offer them in the first place. In this section, our experts have gathered some niche UFC betting markets to spice up your experience.

Fight to Go the Distance

Bettors in Indonesia can wager on whether the fight will last for all scheduled rounds. This is particularly intriguing for matches between two very durable fighters.

Specific Event Wagers

Some bookmakers offer unique bets like 'Will there be a point deduction?' or 'Will the fight end in a draw?' These can offer good value if you have insights into the fighters' histories and the referees officiating the match.

Significant Strikes Landed

This market involves betting on the total number of significant strikes a fighter will land during a bout. On your end, it requires a deep understanding of the fighters' styles and their typical fight statistics.

Where to Watch UFC in Indonesia

In Indonesia, UFC fans have several platforms where they can watch live fights and catch up on past events:

  • Mola TV: Offers live broadcasts of UFC events as part of their sports programming​.
  • UFC Fight Pass: Available for streaming all live UFC events, including exclusive Fight Nights and other original UFC content​.
  • ESPN+: Accessible through various streaming services, ESPN+ provides comprehensive UFC coverage including Pay-Per-View events.
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